Workstation Licenses and Activation


For deactivating Komotion Licenses on workstations, users' can either:

Automatic Online Checks

Once a valid Workstation License is activated for Komotion, the license system will perform an Online check every 7 days to verify that the present license is valid and genuine. This is done automatically in the background, and no action is required from the user. If the license system is unable to perform the Online check (for example, if the user's workstation is unable to connect to the Internet), it will enter a Grace Period of 3 days, where the User can continue using the software as normal, and the Online check will still be performed if is able to.

If the Grace Period passes, there will be a dialog prompt informing the user that an Online check must be performed if they are to continue using the Komotion software. If the check is successful at this point, the Komotion software will load as normal, and the next Online check will be performed in 7 days. If the check is unsuccessful, the Komotion software will not fully load for the User, and the Komotion software license will still be present on the workstation with no deactivation or change to the expiration date.

Expired, Deactivated and Revoked Workstation Licenses

Expired and deactivated licenses will also enter the Grace Period of 7 days, and the User can continue using the Komotion software as normal in that period. A new valid license key will need to be activated before the end of that period to ensure continual use of the Komotion software, though new licenses can still be activated after that Grace Period.

Licenses can be deactivated either manually through Komotion Support, or through the deactivation prompt in the Komotion Uninstallation process.

For some Komotion license upgrades and migration scenarios, existing activated licenses in use on workstations may be revoked by Komotion Ltd. If a license is revoked, the activated license will expire at the next Online check (<= 7 days), and then enter the Grace Period for 7 days. At the end of the Grace Period, a new valid license must be activated to use Komotion.