Welcome to Komotion for Maya. This page is intended to direct you in setting up the Komotion for Maya software, learning fully procedural rigging, the wide range of animation features and controls, and the auto-skinning toolset.

Komotion License Agreement and Confidentiality

Please note that your usage of this software is governed by the Komotion End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

If you are in a Studio, your company may have a Software License Agreement with Komotion Ltd that may also cover software licences, additional software support and extended usage rights. Under that agreement, please also be aware that some of the Komotion materials (non-public technical documentation, source code, etc.) provided in addition to the Komotion Software may be marked as CONFIDENTIAL and must be treated as such. 

For first-time users

Software Download

If you are a new user, you will receive an email confirming your permission to setup an account for the Komotion Help Centre. Please check your junk mail folder, and contact Komotion Support if you have not received the email.

Step 1. Get your license key and download Komotion software

After installation, you will need to have an activated license to use Komotion.

Step 2. Read the Getting Started documentation

For Komotion for Maya:

As a first time user, we recommend starting with the Getting Started with Komotion for Maya guide for a short introduction to Komotion, the learning path for a first-time user, system requirements, and licenses.

For experienced users the Komotion Maya User Guide has a Reference section, and numerous Quick start guides on using Komotion for Rigging and Animation.