User Interface - Komotion

Komotion MEL Command

Launch the Komotion UI by running the 'komotion' MEL command.

MEL Command: komotion

Komotion Main UI

1. Run Scene Collection - Load Komotion Rigs/Chains from the current Maya scene.

2. Options - Komotion settings, license management and activation.

3. Help - Links to reference, tutorials and support.

Komotion Core, Skinning and Export UI

1. Skeleton Creation - Komotion Auto-Rigging panel for configuring, building, and linking Komotion Bone Chains and Rigs.

2. Core System and Select Controls - Komotion Chain and Rig selection controls and system controls.

3. Animation and Kinematics Controls - Core Komotion Bone Chain, IK/FK and Animation controls used for Rigging and Animation.

4. Advanced Animation Controls - Controls for unique posing and animation

5. Mirror and Posing Controls - Mirror and Flip commands for Komotion Bone Chains and Rigs.

6. Utility Controls - Bones and Skins Visibility Controls.

7. Spline Controls - Komotion Bone Chain Knots controls, and spline selection.

8. Accessory Controls - Komotion Bone Chain Accessory visibility, weight and alignment controls.

9. Scene Object Lists - Configuration and controls for Komotion Scene Object List.

10. Maya Configuration - Configure Maya for optimal use with Komotion.

11. Prototype Komotion Auto-Skin - Controls and commands for auto-skinning Komotion Rigs and Chains.

12. Export - Komotion Rig/Chain export commands and configuration.