Uninstall Komotion

NOTE: Administrator permissions is required to uninstall Komotion, and an Internet connection is required for deactivating a Komotion license.

1. Click 'Start' and then click 'Settings'.

2. Click 'Apps'.

For uninstalling all Komotion software installs:

3. Find the 'Komotion for Maya v1.x.x' entry, and then click 'Uninstall'.

4. In the setup dialog prompt, click 'Uninstall'. All Komotion for Maya plug-ins and other components will be uninstalled. On completion, click 'Close' to finish.

For uninstalling a single Komotion plug-in:

3. Find 'Komotion for Maya 20XX' for uninstallation, and then click 'Uninstall'.

4. During the uninstallation process, if a valid Komotion license is present, a Dialog prompt will give you the option to deactivate the Komotion license present on the workstation. Clicking 'Yes' will deactivate the license, and 'No' will leave the license on the workstation.