Spline Controls

Path Objects - Access bone path objects on the chain ribbon

With a Path Object selected on a Bone Chain, this control allows the Selected Path Object controller named '_PATH_' to be updated.

Path Joints (Adv.) - Access secondary kinematic controls on the chain ribbon

With a Bone Chain Path Joint selected, this allows the native Path Object Value to be updated. Path Joints are controls with the '_PATHX_' prefix found on ribbons for secondary Kinematic controls.

Spline Knots Mode - Access curve weights to manipulate the chain ribbon

Spline Knots are named and controlled exactly how a spline curve is controlled. The actual knots of the spline have their weights cached to these controls, so there's no need for sub-editing levels of the curve.

This disables all other controls except for the Accessory. The property (Attribute) Visibility will turn on for the Knot controllers with the prefix (‘_WEIGHT_’).

Spline Curve - Change the Selection to the Spline in the Bone Chain.

For the current Scene Selected Bone Chain, clicking 'Spline Curve' will change selection to the curve.

Realign Knots - Sets a currently selected Path Object back to the default path value, from the stored Frozen Rig Transform values.

If a chain spline is selected and ‘Realign’ is pressed, then all path objects on the spline will be set back to their default positions.

Every Path Object in a Komotion chain contains an animation path UValue, the knots will first reference their stored default UValues.

Knot Percentage - Updates positions between the Chain Root and Chain Accessory.

The percentages correspond to the opposite ends of the Spline, used for moving the bone path objects along the spline (uses highest UValue in a selection). No change to the chain hierarchy is caused when overlap occurs.