Basic Skeleton and Chain Creation

The configuration and creation of Komotion Rigs and Bone Chains are done through the Skeleton Creation panel. Bone Chain Linking for building Komotion Rigs works from the current selection in the Maya Scene. As Komotion is fully procedural, there are many different ways Bone Chains can be configured, created and linked for many technical and creative needs, as well as for building unique structures in unconventional ways, and linking and integrating chains and structures with other custom rigs.

For starting off, below is a basic example for creating a simple structure with 3 configured Bone Chains linked together (similar to a Spine with Left and Right arms):

Creating Chains

1. On the Komotion UI, click 'New...' and then 'Empty Skeleton'.

2. Enter a new Rig Name or leave it as the auto-generated name, and click 'Create Rig'.

3. Click the 'Add' button to add a new Bone Chain to the Rig, and select the new chain named 'CHAIN_0'. A new collapsed panel called 'CHAIN_0 Config' will show on the right-hand side.


4. Click on the Expand button to see the Bone Chain Configuration for 'CHAIN_0'.

5. For the Bones value, change it from '0' to '5'. This can be done either with the Up and Down buttons, or by entering the number '5' and pressing 'Enter' or 'Tab' on the keyboard. For the Controllers value, change it from '0' to '1' to create the chain in the scene.

In the Maya Scene, you will now see that a Bone Chain is created with 5 Bone Segments going in an Upwards direction.

6. Add two more Bone Chains by clicking the 'Add' button twice.

7. Select 'CHAIN_1' and change the Direction to 'Left' and the Mirror to 'Left'.

8. Select 'CHAIN_2' and change the Direction to 'Right' and the Mirror to 'Right'.

9. Select the controller shown below, and change the 'CHAIN_1' Bones value to 3, and then Controllers to 1.

10. With the same selected Spline controller, select 'CHAIN_2' and change the Bone Count to 3.

Creating Legs

11. For setting the Pelvis controller, click on 'Root' and then select the base of the Spine in the scene. (The 'All Modes Off' command may have to be clicked first if other controls have been used beforehand.)

12. Create a new bone chain with a 'Down' Direction, and 'Left' Mirror setting.

13. With the 'Root' control, select the Left Leg chain

14. Using the Translate Gizmo, move the Left Leg chain into the correct position.

15. Re-select the Spine chain with the 'Root' control, and create the Right Leg Chain, and move it into position.