Skeleton Creation

The ‘Skeleton Creation’ panel is for Rig Creation, Chain Creation, Chain Linking, customizing Bone Chain properties, and setting default Dynamic Rig templates for Animation.

Rig Selection

Rig Selection control for all Komotion Rigs present in the current Maya Scene. Changing the current Rig Selection in this control will switch the Komotion Skeleton Creation UI to the newly selected Komotion Rig.

New Skeleton

Start creation of a new Komotion Rig. The 'Empty' option will create an empty rig structure with no pre-configured Bone Chains. Note: Currently, a Komotion Rig Name cannot be changed following creation after 'Create Rig' is invoked.

Clear Selected Skeleton

For the current Selected Skeleton, it will set the Bone Chain Length property for all Bone Chains to a value of 0. If the Selected Skeleton has Bone Chain(s) that already exist in the current Maya Scene, they will be changed automatically. Note: This process may take some time if there's a large structure in the scene.

Delete Selected Skeleton

Delete the Selected Skeleton and all of its Bone Chains from the Maya Scene (if they exist). Note: Child Bone Chains linked to the deleted Rig will be partially deleted and result in breakage, and the Deletion process may take some time if it is a large rig.


Lock the Selected Skeleton in the UI from any further changes in the UI. When ‘Unlock’ is clicked, the Selected Skeleton is unlocked for changes.

Rig Name and Confirm Rig

For a new rig, a valid Rig Name must be entered, and clicking Confirm Rig will finalize and create the new Rig.