Scene Object Lists

The features are based on node connections e.g. ‘Ignore List’. Bear in mind that they will not always work, as the panel features will not take into account if a layer is in a particular state e.g. Reference state.

The lists are stored within the scene by setting an attribute on each node when ‘Add to List’ is pressed. When opening a scene that contains a ‘Scene Object list’, the Komotion system will collect them when ‘Run Scene Collection’ is pressed. The list will continue to work until it is cleared, and clearing the list will remove the attribute that was applied when they were added to the ‘Scene Object List’.

Add to List

Add Scene Selected nodes to a random Komotion Scene List system. This list can be continuously expanded during use of Komotion by pressing this button gain with newly selected nodes.

Clear List

Clears the random Komotion Scene Object List.

Show/Hide List

Toggle visibility state of the Scene Object List.

Template List

Toggle template state of the Scene Object List.

Ignore List

Toggle reference state of the Scene Object List objects. This feature will not work with objects that have skins applied to them.

X-Ray List

Toggle X-Ray state for Komotion Scene Object List objects.