Offline Activation

Offline Activation requires generating an 'Activation Request File', sending the file to Komotion Support, and receiving back an 'Activation Response File' for activating Komotion.

1. Click on 'Options' and then 'Activate'

2. Enter the Activation Key

3. Click on 'Manual Activation'

4. Save the Activation Request XML file to your workstation

5. Send an e-mail with the valid Activation Request file attached to:

Typically, within the next 1-2 working days Komotion Support will reply to the e-mail.

6. In the e-mail reply from Komotion Support, download the attached Activation Response file to your workstation

Note: Activation Response files will expire after a certain amount of time. This will typically be 2 weeks.

7. In the Komotion panel, click on 'Options' and then 'Activate'

8. Click the 'Manual Activation' expander and then click 'Open Activation Response File'

9. Select the Activation Response file and click 'Open'

10. With the Activation Response, the license is activated. Restart Maya to use the Komotion software.