Node Deletion

The Komotion system is robust and has been designed to allow node modifications and certain node deletions. Node deletion is monitored by a function. The function becomes active during animation to stop bugs and errors from occurring. If a deletion event occurs within the scene this function will activate and refresh the animation node list while checking for certain changes based on the information provided below.

Name: Bone Deletion and Editing (Passive Feature)

Basic Description:

This is a function that detects if a Komotion object was deleted. However, it will not stop you from deleting the wrong type of node. You can generally delete any node and the system will still continue, however deleting is not recommended unless you know which nodes will be affected by your deletion.

Technical Description:

What can a user currently delete?

  • ‘_BONE_’ no side effects, can be replaced with custom structure, its parent node ‘_BTHICK_’.
  • ‘_BONE_END_’ no side effects, however ‘_BONE_’ parent will no longer be visible.
  • ‘_JOINT_’ no side effects, can be replaced with custom structure, its parent node ‘_JTHICK_’.
  • ‘_BTHICK_’, however the user will remove bone scaling on the bone segment and delete ‘_JTHICK_’.
  • ‘_JTHICK_’ this will delete its child chains if any and remove joint thickness on bone head.
  • ‘_IK_’ this will remove IK functionality and ‘Live Chain’ from chain.

The ‘_CENGI_’ node is part of the actual bone structure; however, the visibility features are currently unavailable and the user will have to manually find and edit these nodes. These nodes are basic bones but they will still stretch, and the joint can be resized through joint command scripts through the Maya editor etc. (look through Maya documentation).

If the user decides to use the ‘_CENGI_’ node. The user should enter the ‘Thickness’ controller and select ‘Thickness’ nodes then delete them if no longer needed. The deletion ensures Komotion Bone Roots and Bone Heads will not be a part of the basic bone structure.