Pose Controls

Dynamic Chain Mirroring and Flipping

Mirror and Direction tags that are changed after a chain exists will not update the current chain. This is because chain names, Mirrors, Directions and Orders can be changed during rigging and animation to allow chains to affect other chains when needed.

For mirroring Komotion chains, at least two Bone Chains in the Selected Skeleton must have:

  • Identical Bone Chain names
  • Matching 'Mirror Order' values
  • Differing Mirror Directions values (e.g. Left and Right), with neither set as Neutral

Using Mirror Selection and Flip Selection

Generally, Nodes can be Mirrored or Flipped at any time during Rigging or Animation, with exception only for the ‘Inverse Chain’ and ‘Inverse Rig’ controls which do not allow this when activated. When a pose panel button is pressed by mistake while an ‘Inverse’ control is activated, the pose panel buttons will automatically stop the control systems prevent animation errors.

Mirror Selection

Performs a Mirror on the Maya Scene selected Bone Chain.

For both the Original and Secondary Opposite Bone Chains, the 'Name' and 'Mirror Order' must be identical for correct behaviour.

Flip Selection

Performs a Flip on the Maya Scene selected Bone Chain.