Komotion for Maya v1.1

New Features

Maya 2019 Support

  • Komotion for Maya now supports Maya 2019. A plug-in installer is now available, and available to all licensees.

Run Scene Collection

  • Added new 'Run Scene Collection' button for invoking manual scene collection in Maya scenes.
  • The automatic scene collections that happen when Maya Scenes are saved/loaded/changed have been removed.
  • Users should now click the 'Run Scene Collection' button when they need the Komotion front-end to sync with the Komotion Rig(s) in the Maya Scene.
  • This change has been implemented to allow users to render large completed scenes, without the need for collecting Komotion Rigs.


  • Fixed Jitter Issues
    • Cause: Over population of keys caused by Matrix history stored in Maya API.
    • Resolution: Maya API history deleted.
  • Fixed 6 DOF IK
    • Cause: Maya API Issue.
    • Resolution: New function set in place to stop IK calculations being over written.
  • Fixed Window creation errors for Maya 2017 and below
    • Cause: Window initialisation changes made for Maya 2018+.
    • Resolution: Added workaround that resolves the issue.

Komotion for Maya v1.1.1 and v1.1.2

  • Added Website Link and updates to disclaimers
  • Fixed Window Creation issue on Komotion plugin unload
  • Icons fixed for Maya 2019 installer