Komotion for Maya, our cutting-edge 3D toolset, with the industry's first fully procedural auto-rig.

Komotion takes a completely new approach bringing new, industry-first innovations to all 3D content creators.

AdvancedSkeleton, for example, is a ‘limited procedural’ auto-rig; like many others, it relies solely on constrained manual editing, fixed templates and pre-built modules for rigging. For most content creators, it's also far too technical, limits creativity, and takes far too long to learn and master.

Komotion for Maya is a ‘fully procedural’ auto-rig; from end-to-end, all chains are procedurally created and configured from scratch for any possible rigging need. Any Maya user can learn the whole tool set in a few hours, and quickly start making their own complete 3D rigs ready for game engine export.

With Komotion for Maya, anyone can build complex rigs (from scratch!) meeting extensive technical requirements in minutes; instead of many hours or even days.

Creatives finally have complete freedom to build any type 3D Skeletal Rig without any technical skills or scripting required!

For studios, Rigging is a far easier and significantly reduced technical challenge, wiping out massive R&D effort. Production Pipelines are less rigid, and far more agile than ever before.

Komotion is not an incremental improvement over existing auto-rigging tools; it brings disruptive innovation to existing techniques for new creative and technical possibilities. Komotion Bone Chains can be used to extend and integrate with existing custom rigs, characters and creatures, for easy integration into existing production pipelines.

  • Unprecedented productivity and creativity

Creatives can freely bring to life creatures, abstract characters and even the environment itself, with no rigging constraints and no need for rigging skills. Komotion Rig structures and chains can grow, evolve, and mutate seamlessly during keyframe animation. Completely new creative possibilities are opened up with Komotion, that are not possible with conventional rigs. The posing and animation of creature and abstract rigs is simple and efficient, with full mirroring and posing, and non-uniform scaling of chains giving animators complete freedom during keyframe animation.