Komotion Terminology

Blending and Snapping

Blending is designed for alternative techniques that can be used to work on top of IK and FK transitions. Snapping allows for instant transitions between ‘IK’ and ‘FK’ based on the current key, a previous key or possibly an after key.

Key Terms


Typically, a knot in Maya is a type of vertices or point on a curve. However, a Komotion ‘Knot’ is called ‘_WEIGHT_’. It is a controller that contains a cache weight that has influence on the spline curve knots.


The word ‘Spline’ is used for Komotion curve names within the Komotion tool, this curve allows bones to travel up and down their bone chain through ‘Knot’ ‘UValue’ manipulation.

Path Percentage

This refers to a number between 0% and 100%. It is used to determine how far a 'path object' has or will be moved based on the original spline length and the knots ‘UValue’.

UValue - (Up Value)

This information can be found within Autodesk Maya documentation.

Code Nodes – Node prefix; ‘_SOCKET_’

Code nodes or ‘Sockets’ contain perfect Matrix values unaffected by structure scaling values. Users can attach accessories in game engines to Komotion structures in an easy straight forward manner. These nodes are designed to stop parent chain scaling being passed onto child objects.