About the Komotion toolset

The Komotion software suite is the culmination of years of focused R&D building cutting-edge 3D Character Rigging and Animation tools for the Animation, Game and VFX industries.

Komotion introduces the industry's first fully procedural auto-rig, with several additional industry-first innovations in Rigging and Animation, bringing unprecedented productivity and creativity through tools, configuration, and controls, unlike any other Auto-Rigging software. Users' don't need to be skilled and experienced in Technical Animation to productively build Character, abstract, or even highly complex Rigs.

Komotion opens up brand new technical and creative possibilities, while keeping a sharp focus on high productivity, integration with existing Studio pipelines, to build a new future for 3D Animation and VFX. The key features of Komotion are:

Fully Procedural Auto-Rigging

Industry-First - Unmatched creativity and configuration to auto-rig any character, object or model, with complete mirroring and posing. Komotion Chain configuration with innovative linking opens up new and productive solutions to creative and technical challenges.

IK/FK Mode

Industry-First - Full 6DOF Rotation and Positioning of Bone Chains in IK and FK mode opens up complete freedom for Animation.

Fully Dynamic Parenting and Linking

Industry-First - Every Komotion Chain is built with 8 different control systems on creation. These chains can be parented to any object within a scene whilst always maintaining the control systems.

Inverse and Free Animation controls

Industry-First - Built-in Pinning and Stretching of Rigs and Bone Chains, for unique posing and animation.

Flexible Rigging and inter-operation

Komotion Rigs and Chains can be flexibly integrated and used with other rigs and tools.

Export to Game Engine

Everything, from full, highly complex Rigs, right down to individual Bone Chains, can be exported to FBX for Game Engines such as Unity and UE4.

Minimal Learning Curve

Built-in controls and straight-forward configuration automate Rig creation.