Export Commands and Options

The Export panel can be used with Komotion structures and a user’s own structures.

When exporting a Komotion structure, at least one component from the animation structure/structures needs to be selected for the Export commands to run. When exporting a random structure such as an Advanced Skeleton/HumanIK structure, ensure the bone structure is selected and not its control system.

This manual selection process allows users to specify what models they want included for export. This is useful when exporting animated accessories for games animation purposes.

Undo After Export - Creates an ‘undo chunk’ after Export is completed.

Export configuration option for creating an ‘undo chunk’ as part of the 'Export Nodes’/‘Export Animation’ commands. After the export is complete, the associated ‘Finalise Nodes/Animation Export’ button must be clicked to undo scene changes that took place during export.

Intended for use for small structures, and small animation timeline ranges.

Save Before Export - Prompts user to save their scene before Export is started.

Export configuration option for stripping the control system as part of the 'Export Nodes’/‘Export Animation’ commands. When checked, it will show a prompt for saving a scene before the Export commands are started. After the export is complete, the prior Maya scene must be reloaded.

Intended for use for exporting big structures and/or long animation timeline ranges.

Export Type: Game - Exports structures optimized for use in game engines.

This export configuration option will strip off all control system connections from a selected structure. Exporting destroys any control system on an exportable structure.

Export Nodes - Export structure pose on current frame.

Exports a structure without any animation, using the currently selected frame. For basic use, Frame Zero should be selected on the animation timeline. The 'one rig for all' solution in a project is another way that this export can be used. This method is great for obtaining different rigs using the same animations productively.

This export command is used to export T-Poses from frames. User can have models selected for the process, and these will be taken into account for the export.

Export Animation - Export structure animation within timeline range.

Exports animation on structures cleanly. It bakes the selected structure using the currently available timeline range, meaning for export, options do not have to be manually set in the Maya export window.

Note: Currently, game engine ragdoll physiques are not easily compatible with Komotion structure exports.