About This Documentation

This documentation is available in the following formats:

  • In a compiled HTML format (CHM) offering
  • In a PDF format suitable for printing or viewing on any platform, available on request and/or the Komotion Website
  • In an online HTML format, available at: https://docs.komotion.xyz

Updated versions of this documentation may be posted on the Komotion website, and included with Komotion software in updates.


  • Welcome

The current section, outlining this documentation and other available support options.

  • Presenting Komotion for Maya

Introducing the software, its place in the industry, and the optimal mindset users' should adopt

  • Getting Started with Komotion

Software requirements and installation for first-time users

  • Komotion - Maya User Guide

Komotion for Maya software reference manual, a general introduction to the Komotion software, and everything users' need to know on the Komotion auto-rig, exporting, auto-skinning, and utilising advanced Komotion features

  • Komotion Supplement

Additional miscellaneous notes and instructions for users

  • Legal Notice

Licence, copyright and trademark notices

Support and Feedback

Komotion offers assistance and technical support to all users and studios. Support queries and tickets can be opened and addressed via the following methods:

Submitting a support request online at: https://komotion.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

E-mailing us at: support@komotion.co.uk

Phone and contact form on our website:  https://www.komotion.co.uk/contact

For this documentation, if you have any suggestions, or find any errors, feel free to contact us via the methods above.