Loading Komotion in Maya

1. In Maya, click 'Windows' > 'Settings/Preferences' > 'Plug-in Manager' to open the Plug-in Manager.

2. In the Plug-in Manager, find 'KomotionRig.MayaPlugin.nll.dll', and check 'Loaded' to load Komotion, and check 'Auto load' so Komotion will always be loaded on Maya startup.

  • If none or an expired Komotion license is present:

3. A dialog box will pop-up notifying that no license is present for Komotion software. Click 'OK' to proceed, and then follow the instructions in Launching Komotion.

Note: With none or an invalid license, the Komotion software back-end will not load during Maya startup.

Note: In cases where the Komotion back-end is manually loaded, the activation check will stop the Komotion back-end from loading and initializing.

  • If a valid Komotion license is already present:

3. During Maya Startup, the Komotion software back-end automatically starts loading and initializing. Proceed to the next section for Launching Komotion.