Note: Before starting, please ensure that you have read the System Requirements - Maya guide, and have a compatible version of Maya.

For installing Komotion for Maya, there are two options: using the combined installer (the 'Komotion for Maya v1.x.x Installer.exe'), or the individual Komotion for Maya plug-in installers ('Komotion v1.x.x for Maya 2019.msi'). The individual installers are primarily for advanced users or other custom deployments.

We recommend users use the Combined Installer.

Note: If the Combined Installer is launched and .NET Framework 4.8 is not already installed, the Combined Installer will download .NET Framework 4.8 from the internet and install it. After installation, the user will have to click 'Restart' to reboot their workstation. If no internet connection is available, the installation will not be able to proceed.

For the Combined Installer:

1. In the 'Komotion v1 - Software' folder, double-click on 'Komotion for Maya v1.2.1 Installer.exe'. This will launch the combined installer shown on the bottom-right. Select the installation(s) of Komotion required, click 'I agree to the license terms and conditions', and finally click 'Install' to proceed.

For the Individual Installers:

1. Double-clicking the MSI installer for the version of Maya on your workstation will launch the installer.

2. When the installer(s) launches, click 'Next' to proceed.

3. The Komotion plug-in will by default install to the Maya installation folder. Click 'Next' to proceed forward, and then 'Install'.

NOTE: As Komotion is a Maya plug-in, this path should always be set to the root of the Maya Installation.

4. Click 'OK' on the dialog box after confirming that Maya is closed, and click 'Finish' to complete setup.

5. Launch Maya to start the next part of installation.